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Walk Behind Scrubber

AS 210B 20" Walk Behind Scrubber with 105 AH Maintenance Free (AGM) Batteries
*Drive pad and scrub brush included at no extra cost

The Viper AS 510B combines a 20 inch wide cleaning path with a long-lasting onboard battery and charger. That means you can clean faster without having to worry about the nearest wall outlet or looking for the charger when the job is done. In addition, the CA30 20B features a heavy-duty cast aluminum assembly housing a rounded squeegee that delivers quick, complete solution pick-up day in and day out.


including the drive pad and scrub brush.

Triple F Cleaning Supplies

For over 20 years now the Triple F Brand of cleaners have been at work fighting the toughest janitorial task. As the technology has improved so have our cleaning products. We continue to upgrade our line with the latest in enzyme and eco advancements. Only the best performers are eligible for our Triple F Brand Label. MSDS are available for all our chemical products. The list below is our current offering of fine Triple F Cleaning Supplies.


FFF Hawaii Cleaning Chemicals


FFF Hawaii Cleaning Chemicals

Clean Hands Save Lives

Keeping clean hands is one of the most important things we can do to keep from getting sick and from spreading germs to others.
Norovirus, Ebola, & Enterovirus D68, are viruses easily spread from person to person from body fluids & surface contact. There are no known cures or treatments. Yet, the best way to prevent catching or spreading these pathogens are basic & consistent hand hygiene regimens & protocols.

Hand Washing

is the single most important procedure for preventing the spread of infection -- according to the CDC.
Independent washroom studies from around the world show that while 70% of people hand wash, only 30% use soap.

Education is key

Contact Triple F for free samples and brochures on how FFF & DEB can help prevent illness.

Result of Poor Hand Washing Technique - Triple F Hawaii

Did you know?

  • Less than 40% of workers do not wash their hands long enough or often enough to protect against the spread of germs*
  • The average hand washing duration = 5 minutes
  • Common missed areas:
    • Under Finger Nails
    • Back of Hands

Learn the correct technique presented by DEB, world’s leading skin care system company.


If hand washing is unavailable, the CDC and NIH recommend an alcohol based sanitizers can be used to effectively kill bacteria and viruses on hands.
A 70% alcohol base hand sanitizer is the most effective hand sanitizer against Ebola (All Debs Alcohol based sanitizers have 70% plus alcohol) GoJo and other brands have only a 60%-62% alcohol base.

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Cleaning Chemicals - Triple F Hawaii




Hand Soap - Triple F Hawaii - DEB


Cleaning Wipes - Triple F Hawaii

Ho’okipa Pepa Company

In the Hawaiian language ho’okipa means hospitality. We are fortunate enough to live in an island chain that is among the most beautiful and most popular visitor destinations in the world. Aloha is a very large part of the Ho’okipa spirit and tradition that has made Hawaii such a must choice. This tradition is not only reserved for our visitor industry. In recent times, we have received numerous requests for a paper product line that would reflect the spirit of these Islands, is environmentally friendly, and most importantly, would be afford-ably priced.

From this, the Ho'okipa Pepa Company line of products was born. Every paper product in the line is made either from recycled material or from easily sustainable byproducts such as sugar cane. Our tissue line (available in bathroom rolls or boxed facial) has been specifically created with Hawaii in mind, baring a wonderful Hawaiian floral theme which is more appealing in its local design than a generic or national brand sitting on your counter. To go hand-in-hand with the tissue line, we also provide branded dispensers that continue with this local theme.

Royal Hawaiian Bar Mixes

Triple F entered the bar and beverage business in the late 1980's. We immediately found a niche market with Hawaii customers clamoring for a more locally profiled taste that could set them apart from the mainland . . . and a taste ones that could be savored uniquely for the Islands. After numerous attempts, concoctions, and recipes, Triple F developed a line of bar mixes that capitalize and enhance the spirit of Hawaii. Our Royal Hawaiian Bar Mixes are 30 years old, well tested, and well accepted by hotels, fine dining establishments, bar and nightclubs across the islands of Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island. Made with real juices and secret ingredients, Triple F will be unsurpassed in quality and taste.

We now sell our Royal Hawaiian Bar Mixes world wide.