Ho’okipa Pepa Company

Hookipa Pepa Company - FFF Hawaii

In the Hawaiian language ho’okipa means hospitality. We are fortunate enough to live in an island chain that is among the most beautiful and most popular visitor destinations in the world. Aloha is a very large part of the Ho’okipa spirit and tradition that has made Hawaii such a must choice. This tradition is not only reserved for our visitor industry. In recent times, we have received numerous requests for a paper product line that would reflect the spirit of these Islands, is environmentally friendly, and most importantly, would be afford-ably priced.

From this, the Ho'okipa Pepa Company line of products was born. Every paper product in the line is made either from recycled material or from easily sustainable byproducts such as sugar cane. Our tissue line (available in bathroom rolls or boxed facial) has been specifically created with Hawaii in mind, baring a wonderful Hawaiian floral theme which is more appealing in its local design than a generic or national brand sitting on your counter. To go hand-in-hand with the tissue line, we also provide branded dispensers that continue with this local theme.