Sanitation and Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial Supplies - Triple F Hawaii

Triple F has been in the janitorial supplies business for almost 30 years.

From a small start with a few items, our chemical and equipment lines have grown to encompass close to 300 items. We have products that can disinfect a bathroom floor, and shine up a wooden chair. We can service the housekeeping department of any major hotel to the construction firm building on the empty lot next door.

Education and Building Maintenance
Triple F understands the need for high traffic waxes and strippers, to chalkboard cleaners, from alcohol hand sanitizers to disinfecting wipes. We can offer solutions for cleaning bathrooms, classrooms, and boardrooms. Check out Triple F’s private Ho’okipa Pepa brand or SCA Tissue, a National brand for recycled paper solutions and portion controlled dispensers. Check out our full line of soaps, sanitizers, and cleaning chemicals with proportioning systems, hands free systems, and cleaning tools, and equipment.
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Trash Receptacles

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Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers - Triple F Hawaii

Cleaning Chemicals


Cleaning Wipes - Triple F Hawaii

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