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Keeping clean hands is one of the most important things we can do to keep from getting sick and from spreading germs to others.
Norovirus, Ebola, & Enterovirus D68, are viruses easily spread from person to person from body fluids & surface contact. There are no known cures or treatments. Yet, the best way to prevent catching or spreading these pathogens are basic & consistent hand hygiene regimens & protocols.

Hand Washing

is the single most important procedure for preventing the spread of infection -- according to the CDC.
Independent washroom studies from around the world show that while 70% of people hand wash, only 30% use soap.

Education is key

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Result of Poor Hand Washing Technique - Triple F Hawaii

Did you know?

  • Less than 40% of workers do not wash their hands long enough or often enough to protect against the spread of germs*
  • The average hand washing duration = 5 minutes
  • Common missed areas:
    • Under Finger Nails
    • Back of Hands

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If hand washing is unavailable, the CDC and NIH recommend an alcohol based sanitizers can be used to effectively kill bacteria and viruses on hands.
A 70% alcohol base hand sanitizer is the most effective hand sanitizer against Ebola (All Debs Alcohol based sanitizers have 70% plus alcohol) GoJo and other brands have only a 60%-62% alcohol base.

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